Karma Saw That T's
Karma Saw That T's
Love Karma? Love dogs? Well you're going to love these awesome shirts. Only $22 and free shipping! Available in all sizes and men's black shirts are available in XL and 2 XL. Do good Get good..xo heather
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Price: $30.00
Price: $22.00
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Personalized Mandala
Personalized Mandala
These Mandalas are hand-drawn, and left so that you can colour it. It is very meditative working on a personal Mandala. You choose the colour and the mood, as you work your way way through. There will also be a few messages from your guides concerning the Mandala and what it's purpose is in your life. Full readings on the Mandala are extra, so call for pricing.
Price: $125.00
Price: $85.00

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